Retirement and Savings


CenturyLink provides a comprehensive retirement and savings program designed to help you save and give yourself a diversified source of income during retirement. Meeting your life goals, experts suggest you'll need 60% to 100% of your current salary in retirement.

Use the tools and resources below to help you manage your retirement, savings and financial planning needs.

  • 401(k) Savings Plan

    Investing in your CenturyLink 401(k) Plan is an important step toward creating a comfortable financial future. To set up and manage your account, visit Wells Fargo.

    Accessing your 401(k) is easy - first time users please follow the appropriate link below to be guided through the steps to access your 401(k) Plan.

    When will I be eligible to participate in the 401(k) Plan?

    For employees represented by a Collective Bargaining Agreement, refer to your Agreement for details on your ability to participate in the Union 401(k) Plan.

    Once Wells Fargo (our 401(k) provider) has been notified that you are a new employee or newly eligible (via weekly updates), you will receive an enrollment packet from Wells Fargo containing your 401(k) information. After reviewing this information you may login to the Wells Fargo site and make your plan election. You will become a participant on the first day of the month following 30 calendar days of employment. Your contributions will begin on the first full payroll following the first day of the month. The CenturyLink Dollars and Sense Plan has automatic enrollment at 3%, but you can opt out of the Plan by changing the deferral election to 0% or by electing a different percentage or deferral election within 30 days of employment.

    How do I enroll in the 401(k) plan as a first-time user?

    To enroll, go to from your work or home computer. Here you will enter the username and password that you use to sign on to your work computer and be taken directly to your account.

    Click on "First Time User" and go through the registration process. You'll need your Social Security number and your date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format to establish your login credentials. If you have any problems creating your login you will contact the Wells Fargo Service Center directly at 877.379.0118.

  • Pension Plan

    Your pension plan is a qualified, defined benefit plan that promises to pay you a pension benefit if you meet the plan's vesting requirements. Although CenturyLink makes any required contributions to the pension plans, you must meet certain requirements to be vested. The vesting requirements are described in the Summary Plan Descriptions.

    NOTE: The pension plans were closed to new non-bargained employees as follows:

    * After 1/1/2009 with Legacy Qwest,
    * After 12/31/2010 with Legacy Embarq, and
    * After 12/31/2010 with Legacy CenturyLink

    Legacy CenturyLink and Embarq bargained for employees should refer to their union local Agreement to see if their pension plan is closed for new hires, rehires or transfers and the effective date. (Excludes Legacy Qwest bargained).

  • myFiTage

    Do you wonder when you will be financially ready to retire?

    To help build confidence about your future financial well-being, CenturyLink is enhancing the retirement benefits program to include myFiTage, a customized site for you to use for planning your retirement--no matter your current age!

    myFiTage, provides a way to estimate and model your income and spending needs during your retirement years.

    It starts with one simple number, your Financial independence Target or FiT Age - the earliest age at which your retirement resources will meet or exceed your retirement needs for the rest of your life.

  • Departing CenturyLink/Planning to Retire

    View information related to Departing CenturyLink / Planning to Retire.

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