Health and Welfare Enrollment Materials for Retirees

Retiree Modeling for Health & Welfare Benefits

As you prepare for your departure from CenturyLink, there are decisions to make and information you need to help ensure a smooth transition. We encourage you to review the New Retiree Matrix and applicable Benefits Resource Guide for Departing Employees and utilize the Departing Employees Checklist for a list of actions to take before you leave the company. Begin by choosing your legacy company and reviewing the resources available to you. If you were not part of an acquisition and do not belong to any of the legacy companies below, please select CenturyLink.

To model the Health and/or Life Insurance benefits available to you at retirement, log on to the CenturyLink Health and Life website at If you have already left the Company, log on to the CenturyLink Health and Life website directly at, you will need your user id and password. Click on the Life Events tab in the light grey bar. On the Life Events page, click on the Other Life Changes dropdown tab and select Retirement. From there, you’ll be taken to the Retirement Modeling page where you can enter the planned or anticipated date of retirement and obtain an estimate of the benefits available to you. The information provided to you within this tool is based on current data on the CenturyLink Service Center system and is not a final determination of your retirement benefits.

Current Retirees

If you are eligible for retiree healthcare, you will receive enrollment materials each year during annual enrollment. Please ensure your mailing address is current. Contact the Service Center at 800.729.7526 to update your address, if needed.