CenturyLink's On-site Health Clinic - Monroe, LA

Cor Medical

CenturyLink is pleased to offer an on-site health clinic at its company headquarters location in Monroe, LA. The on-site health clinic initiative is an effort designed to make health care access easier for employees as CenturyLink recognizes that a healthy team is one of the most valuable assets that a company can possess.

The clinic is managed by Cor Medical, a privately-owned independent company whose mission is "to provide easier access to effective and high-quality primary care for employees while minimally impacting their productivity, time off work, or time away from family by locating the clinic at or near your workplace."

Who is Eligible?

ALL U.S. CenturyLink employees, Spouses and Dependent Children (ages 18-26) enrolled in one of our medical plans are eligible to use the clinic. (Please note: Employees do not have to "work" at the Monroe, LA location to use the clinic. Employees travelling to CenturyLink's headquarters covered under one of our medical plans are eligible to use the clinic as well).

What services are offered?

The on-site clinic is focused on wellness & prevention and all participation is voluntary. Some of the services offered for your convenience are:

  • Primary care services
  • Wellness Visits
  • Regular appointments; Walk-ins welcome
  • Urgent care and triage
  • Regular lab work
  • Same day or next morning pharmacy delivery (Through a local pharmacy partnership, your prescriptions can be delivered to CenturyLink's on-site health clinic).
  • Prescriptions can also be sent electronically to any pharmacy of your choosing

Cor Medical Onsite Health Clinic - Phone/Hours