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In exchange for your talent and dedication, our company will provide a wide range of health and wellness benefits. This combination unites two very similar corporate cultures that share a strong commitment to their customers and the communities they serve. Benefits vary across our businesses. If you receive an offer, please review your benefits with Human Resources as there may be variances.

Employee Contributions

Depending on when you enroll, if at any time you experience a retroactive reinstatement for you or any eligible dependent(s) under the CenturyLink Health Care Plan and/or CenturyLink Life Insurance Plan, collectively referred to as "the Plan", that results in a payroll adjustment, the payroll adjustment will process in accordance to the next scheduled payroll run. You will be responsible for any retroactive deductions. All deductions will process retroactive to the event date, Not the approval date. In addition, the full amount of the retroactive deduction will be taken on the first paycheck after processing the adjustment.

Other Benefits