Tobacco Cessation Programs

Company-recognized tobacco cessation programs vary based upon available resources in your area. You can find information on programs through the following resources:

  • Your CenturyLink wellness program administered by the medical plan administrators.
    United HealthCare (UHC) & Highmark BlueCross/BlueShield
    • The QuitPower Program — This program comes at no additional cost to you as part of your benefits. This Quit Power Program gives you one-to-one help from a personal QuitPower coach.

      Your coach may help you:
      • Set a quit date
      • Create a personal action plan to help you reach your goals
      • Access up to 8 weeks of the nicotine patch or gum at no addition cost to you
      • Plan for the challenges you will face while quitting
      • Find was to overcome cravings
      • Manage your stress to help make quitting easier
      • Get access to additional tools and resources

      The QuitPower program is a Well Connected reward eligible Telephonic Wellness Coaching program. Call to start today. 1.800.478.1057

  • Highmark BlueCross/Blueshield
    • Telephonic Smokeless® is a one-year telephone-based program with two to five scheduled phone calls conducted by a professional tobacco cessation specialist who helps guide participants through the process of quitting tobacco at no cost. Participants also receive a self-study toolkit when enrolled in Smokeless. Call 1.800.345.2476 to enroll.

  • The American Lung Association offers a free online smoking cessation program called “Freedom From Smoking.” Links on their website include an Action Plan and resources that can be ordered.
  • The Quit For Life® program, brought to you by The American Cancer Society and Alere Wellbeing, Inc., helps you tailor a quit plan with a Quit Coach® while offering free 8 weeks of Nicotine Replacement Therapy and telephonic coaching calls. For More information please call 1.866.784.8454 or visit Registration and Quit Coaches are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A tobacco cessation program developed by the smoker’s personal physician.

You are responsible for any costs associated with a smoking cessation program or for any items that may help you or a family member to stop using tobacco products.

Tobacco-Free Discount

Who does this apply to?

  • The tobacco-free discount applies to all U.S.-based CenturyLink benefit-eligible employees.

The Company offers a 7.5 percent tobacco-free discount off the cost of medical premiums deductions if you and your eligible dependents covered under CenturyLink Health Care Plan do not use smoking/tobacco products or are actively trying to quit. You qualify for the discount if:

  • You are enrolled in a CenturyLink medical plan
  • There are no smokers or tobacco users covered on your medical plan
  • All smokers/tobacco users covered on your medical plan are enrolled in a Company-recognized tobacco cessation program

Once all three requirements are met, you qualify to apply for the tobacco-free discount as a Qualified Life Event. Contact the CenturyLink Service Center at or 1.800.729.7526 in order to change your tobacco use status and apply for the tobacco-free discount.

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